Johnny's Room

Friday, October 19, 2018
Hi guys! Hope you are all doing great? It is really nice to be back blogging ( This is Zimmani btw) and I have promised myself that I would be consistent *covers face*. 
Last weekend was all about Johnny Drille's concert tagged Johnny's Room and I got to attend the concert and boy was I blown away! Let me say here that live music is the best way to appreciate music, it was so lit. It was easily one of the best concerts I have attended, thank you Johnny Drille for blessing us to good music. I got to take my camera along with me and I was able to get a couple of (mad) pictures that summarises his performances during the show.

One thing I really loved about the concert was the stage setup it was really nice and i knew pictures would come out great!

                                                   Johnny singing his heart usual.

During the short break Kenny Blaq was there to make us laugh really hard.
Lights would guide you home...
This was easily my favourite moments in the show

Let me take time to commend johnny's band..they were bad ass! 

She said she loves me...Halleluyah!

How we waited for Johny Drille to perform "wait for me" What a way to end a great show!

Thanks a lot of viewing this post! If you attended the event how was it for you? Lets talk about it in the comments section..Thanks!


  1. Well done Zimani, I would hold you responsible if you’re not consistent ooo. Meanwhile I’m in love with the pictures and I see myself yayyyy

    1. please hold me responsible! Thank you for creating space for me to shoot some of the shots :)