Gidi Fest 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Seun: Hi Guys, How's It going?

Emmanuel: After all these years you finally decided to put the pictures up.

S: Better late than never yo.

E: SMH, we thank God for your life sha.

S: Hallelujah.

E: To what we have for today then.

S: Yup!

E: Gidifest is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Urban Music & Cultural festival in Nigeria.
We had the opportunity of attending and decided to take some photographs.

S: Yup yup some of our friends were performing (see some of our friends here)so we definitely had to come through
 to show as much support as we could.

E: Funny thing was I didn't even plan to go for it, 
I just happened to meet someone who had tickets they weren't using that day.

S: Alive!

E: So well just be running through some of the events of the day.

S: Prendre plaisir.

Jamal & Truce

Our favorite guy Uche from Small Chops Ng

Tyler, Dj Extreme and Zim Zim

Hard guy, hard guy The Blackesper

"I am a god."

S: I was just looking at the backup singer all through. She's so beautiful.
In case anyone has her contact information, link a brother up.

E: Just look at this one

D-Truce ma nigga

Remy Baggins played Keys for his performance btw.

Terry Apalaaaaaaaaaaa

Prettyboy Do

E: Giving us chop elbow

S: Gbo!

S: Love, Love, Love this shot.

E: Thanks.

S: the loml Lady Donli again If anyone can hook a brother up

E: This guy stop Ashewoing like this now, we're in public

S: Guy allow me, you don't know if my helper is on the TL.
"Plis dears" help me

E:Epic Shot Fam

S: Thanks my g
It's Mayorkun Baby oh!

YCEEEEEEEeee gbish gbish brrrrr gbish

E: The actual love of Seun's life Bella

That's Dapo Tuburna

S: You're now rocking with the SDC

E: Show Dem Camp omo yes indeed!

Funbi: It's Up To You Cause I'm So ready. *Singing*

S: Erm so uhm this is where our batteries died

E: Plus it was like 3:30 AM

S: So we came and went and were going like 
E go be.

E: But I thought you said I was going to say it this time

S: Is it because I didn't mention how you didn't take me any pictures 
you're doing anyhow now?

E: *Runs away.*

S: Men are scum.
Till next time guys

E: Ego be.

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