Adetola & Demola

Sunday, April 22, 2018
Hi everyone! hope you all have been good? It's another post about love and this one is between Adetola and Demola. Two people that truly love each other and it is so evident in these pictures. They are very easy going and I enjoyed every bit of documenting this wedding alongside Oga Ken of Kentucker Photography.  Enjoy how they began their journey to forever...

          "All i need is someone who would hold my hand through the good times and the bad"
                                                                  The new Iyawo

                              One of the best days as a mother..their expressions says it all!

                                                  The kind of joy that cannot be put in words

                                                               My guys..I am off the market!

                                                               The bride in all of her glory

                              I always love to see this proud moment..i was waiting for the tears ;)

                                                  Declaration for child birth...goes a long way


                                                              Finally joint together...Forever!


                                                            The Bride and her Ladies squad

                               Groom: Can i have this dance with you for the rest of my life?
                                Bride: ⬇⬇⬇
         That's definitely a YES!

I hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures..We would also love to document your special day! We are just a mail away
Can't wait!

Oh yeah..That's me feeling reserved ;)

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