Sunday Best: Sun-Day, Best

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hy guys...and ladies, especially ladies. Another Sunday Best episode today, and if you've been in Uyo for up to one week, you know this landmark all too well.
This series reminded me of 'Trad Sunday' back in college. Not for any nostalgic reason, per say, but just how much everyone here put in effort to look good for church. It's adorable and always commendable, every time.

So we always do this for you guys, and we thank you for being our dapper gentlemen and ladies.

On the photography side, I am still looking for a persisting gradient to stick to, but I fear I may not find because what's good for the gander, may not be good for the rabbit. 
We had so much sunlight (not soap) on this day and I tried to show that. (Just expect a tan when next you see me though). Apart from that, the outfits were so colourful and the ladies beautiful. The guys tried, but they no reach Mmek my guy (Baba wore jacket under that heat o. I was crying for him in my soul).

By the way, seen that rope-belt?...Awesome!
 I should get myself one (or wait and receive it as a 'happy half of the month' gift, anybody?).

Thank you very much for reading and saving pictures for later. Please comment on any opinions you have like, who's number you want or which church you worship at, so we 'fit show'. 

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