Monday, February 12, 2018

Hi everyone! How has it been? Welcome to the month of love..February and we open this month with this two love birds Nehita and Idikem #NEHIKEM. We were privileged to document their wedding and i would be showing how well we were able to do that. Sit back, relax and be ready to feel all lovey dovey.
Nehita..The Edo Princess

Idikem..The Adopted Edo Prince

They asked idikem whether he can spot his edo princess..

Sharp guy! I believe he can spot her from a mile away 

That moment when the father is suppose to grab the bride on the 7th count..


                                                         Nehikem Forever

                                                         For the love of details!


                                                  Then there was the white wedding...

All ready for the after party...

Nehita got gifts for all her bridemaids..so sweet.

                                                                 The sacred bands

                                                                    hmmm..DO I? lol
                                                        Nehita with her girls

                                                   Wedding Rush. If you know..you know

                                                                 The Joining

                                                        Nehita in all of her glory..lovely!

                                  Favourite picture..how they stare into each other's eye LOVE

                                                        '' In your arms..i find peace"

Thats a wrap! what do feel about the post? Please drop your comments below..Thanks.

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