Shooting: Stephanie

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Seun: Hi guys how's it going

Emmanuel: Happy New Year!

S: New year new me, we are going to make sure that this yearrrr...

E: Abeg abeg abeg, let's go to what we have for today.

S: Lmaooo.
Okay oooh, a while back we started a new segment called shooting 
(you can check out our introductory post here).

E: So today we're going  to show pictures from our session with fine girl Stephanie 
who's also a make up artist.

S: We'll also talk a little about what we had in mind while shooting.
So we move.

E: When we talked about outfits Stephanie said it'll be scandalous, 
I thought I knew what to expect until I saw "the Scandalous outfit."

S: Osheyyyyy Olivia Pope.

E: lol, Olivia Pope's got nothing on her.
So here are picture from the first look which I shot.

S: Yeah so Emmanuel shot the first look, so would you like 
to tell the good people what you had in mind while shooting?

E: Of course, For the first look we used a two light step, one main light
and one hair light. We go to use our sweet green backdrop which really
made Steph's complexion pop even more. 

S: Green Backdrop for president.

E: It changes a lot of things.

S: lmaoo. 
Shots on shots.

E: As a photographer that I am it's only right.

S: Just be going this guy.
Anyway, I took shots from the second look.
I decided to take a darker direction, using the same two lights.
I switched up the rim light with a blue gel to enhance the whole
dark mood. I also wanted the picture to show a lot of interesting 
movements which I think we were able to achieve pretty well.

E: I lowkey even stole some shots.
(the ones right above)
The blue gel was really a cruise for me.

S: I guess thats pretty much it about this session.

E: Yeah I agree, enjoy more pictures.

S: Here are some  behind the scene photos of our session and our general stet up.

E: So we've come to the end of our this post.

S: We'll love to know what you think and how we could make the posts better.

E: Also if there's something specific you'll like to know feel free to comment as well.

S: Until next time.

E: E go be.