Let's Party Like Gatsby

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Seun: Yo Yo Yo.

Emmanuel: Yo.

S: *tilts hat to the side* Sup.

E: This guy sef when I said we're foreign, I didn't mean like this now.

S: Okay Old Sport.

E: You people should just leave this one abeg.
 Today i'm excited to show off pictures from one of the most fun events, 
I attended all of last year and trust me I attended a lot.

S: Yeah in this post well be showing some of our favorite shots and moments from the 
Andela Gatsby Themed party that we photographed for your viewing pleasure. 
Then we couldn't but add a little something to improve your viewing experience. 

E: No time so we'll get straight into this. 
(Don't worry we won't just leave like that, we'll add some commentry).

Welcome to the Gatsby party!
                                                                      Hey Beautiful ;)
     That Classic Man 
Clear the way..We Divas be coming through!

                                 That moment you read for exam and forgot what you read LOL
                                                        Finally they got the move :))

                                      The Dance competition was so much fun!

Lets Dance Like Gatsby.

Oya One Corner!  I dont think gatsby danced this..LOL
Thumbs up to Emma Oh My God for his hilarious jokes..he cracked everyone up! The pictures below would testify :))

                                                                   Oya Shaku Shaku !


                                  Then there was the After party...Andela guys turned up hard!

E go be!