Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hi guys! how is it going? 
Let me start by wishing you all a happy new month. 
I got to attend the CoffeeFoodMusic event a few days and I really had a good time. 
There were different activities at the event like the celebrity cook-off, 
fun, games and most importantly food vendors . 

For the cook-off the celebrities were paired with 
chefs, MI and chef Alex and Bisola and Chef Benedict.  
Here's MI tasting Bisola's Food.

                                                               He samples the food..

                                                    He spits it out, lol Bad Belle..its allowed

                                                           Bisola got to win this round.

                                     MI got to be the hypeman for chef Alex as he performed

Bisola also got to hype for chef Benedict.

                                             Round 2 was Waje teaming up with chef Freggs

                                   MrP teamed up with Chef Benedict..they made seaside Okro

                                Waje facial expressions killed me! Please who can caption it best?

Mr P and chef Dumebi won Round 2!

                                 Mr P could not contain his happiness..and his packs lol
                          Mr P peforming with Chef Dumebi and yeah it was her birthday too *dancing*

                                  Waje digging it with Chef Freggs..Freggs suffry suffry oh

                             Who got to win between Mr P and Bisola? Scroll down to view :)

                                                  I do not play with my ewa Agoyin lol

                                      I Did not know this process to make hamburgers until now

               You know how we do it..Here are some beautiful faces from the event :)

All face and hand painting were done by Micheal Umodit..Big ups bro!

                           Mr P and chef Dumebi got to win the finals! Congrats to them.

Who got to attend CoffeeFoodMusic event? How did it go for you?
We would love to hear your views in our comments, Thank you.