Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Seun: Salut comment ça va?

Emmanuel: Bangdededeng!

S: You can’t even play along abi?

E: You spoke a foreign language and I did as well,
isn’t that playing along enough?

S: Anyway lets leave all these ones and get into what we have today.

E: Ya ya!

S: This past weekend was the the GTBank Fashion Weekend

E: Which I actually almost missed entirely.

S: I was able to see a bit of the showcase on Saturday
and all I’ll say is it was blue flames.

E: Yes rub it in 🙄.
I was able to make it in the evening of 2nd day
and  made sure we captured as much of the street style as we could.

S: I mean what’s a fashion show without street style?

E: Exactly!

S: Just by the way there was a lot to be captivated by beyond
just the street style GTBank stay steady rasing the bar.

E: Did they pay you for this advert ehn?

S: lol but it's true now.

E: Yeah, it's actually very true I loved how the whole athmosphere
and how the general environment was.

S: Took the words right out of my mouth.

E: So we’ve put together as much of the pictures we took for your viewing pleasure.

S: Enjoy!












E: So that's pretty much it I guess. 
Special shalla to Iju baby girl for taking a photograph of us. 

S: Till next time, It's an E go be from us.

E: We need to change the way end our po..

S: Shhhhhh, Let it happen let it happen.

We We love to know what was your Favourite expexperience during the fashion weekend? Please drop your comments :)