#Streetstyle LFDW

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Emmanuel: Hi guys, How's it going ?

Seun:  This past week was the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week.

E: You're just going to dive straight in to it right?

S: No time my g, no time.

E: Anyway, there was actually a lot of hype around it and I think it really did deliver.

S: We weren’t there for all the days, but the time we spent there was definitely worth while.

E: Yeah we weren't sadly, Seun was around for the 2nd day & we went together for the penultimate day of the showcase but we couldn't stay till the end. I heard the Mai Atafo showcase and the last day were really great. Both of which we missed. *cleans tears*

S: Eventually we’ll be fine fam, Eventually we’ll be fine. 

E: Thanks my g. Just by the way i'll like to say that Eko Atlantic is actually a very beautiful place.

S: I know right. The sunset was just so breathtaking, the scenery too was really something to savour.

E: Yeah it was. The streetstyle was more breathtaking lol. 
Everyone came out with their A game, different styles and it looked really good.

S: We were definitely happy to be on ground to capture as much as we could from the event.

E:Yeah we did.

S:Wow nice response 😒. This is why baby girl will be giving you one word responses.
Anyway with out much talks we’ll be showing how we saw the style at the event.

E:lol you're the one that has been giving short answers abeg. 
Yeah so here's how we saw the style at the event 😊

S: Here are photos from the 2nd day which I attended

E: Here are some photos from Day 3 which we attended.

S: Over and out from us outchea.

E: #Thuglife E go be.

Thanks a lot for viewing the post :)  We would like to know..Did you get to attend LFDW? How did it go? what do you feel about the styles on the post? Do you have a Favourite style? You could drop your comments below..it would be appreciated. E go be :)


  1. First of all, I'm totally in love with the general vibesss. Like see all this fashion daring people and in my own Lagos, Nigeria to be precise. Gladdens me for real. My most slay was Sound Sultan and Denrele though. I'm in love with the bandana necktie thing too, but I sort of had reservations about some pieces in some looks yet they stayed slay so big ups to everyone and to you cause you hands down killed this.

  2. Oh oh and the lady in the beret and the one that looks like Lady Donli and probably is. And the sunset, it so came to slay too. Basically, I really can't get enough of these pictures ❤❤

    1. I know right, I thought it was Lady Donli as well. Thank you 😊.

  3. You guys are so funny! Really love the pictures and I think the street styles were dope, you caught the best of them.