Shooting: Test

Monday, October 23, 2017

Seun: Hi Everyone.

Emmanuel: How's it going?

S: So we've been thinking a lot about making our blog a lot more active and avenues we could do that. Other than the obvious thing we do already (of which we've low-key been lax about putting out stuff), it just resurfaced in our minds that we're currently shooting a lot and we don't get to put out so much of it other than what we put on our personal pages.

E: This Seun guy can talk sha, just by the way check out our Instagram pages zimmani , manvibess & of course ordinaryandart.

S: Like I was saying before I was interrupted, we decided to talk more about the things we've been shooting what we had in mind before shooting and the likes.

Here's Seun.                                                                                                                  Here's Emmanuel

E: So on this day we had a shoot and the client decided to push the time back a bit. We'd already set up so we decided to take a couple test shots with the time we had on our hands.

S: The plan was to get a couple dark looking portraits with our one light set up as you can see above.
We also tried to incorporate the surroundings to give off an edgy/grimy feel.

E: We ended up using a flash as our source of light as we were unable to locate a working power port.

S: James guy was just forming Al Pacino that that and I was just there observing.

E: But but you were the one that said I should...

S: Come on!

E: So we've come to the end of our first edition of Shooting, till next time.

S: Yo that was so short.

E: Uhm what else were you expecting?

S: I don't know but that can't be all. Maybe we should come up with slogans we say at the end.

E: You already know my own would be "Ese Oh, Banana Oh." *In Seyi Shey's Voice* 

S: Lmaooooo, E go be.

S: Oh by the way here's a photograph we took from the actual shoot.

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