#Streetstyle LFDW

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Emmanuel: Hi guys, How's it going ?

Seun:  This past week was the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week.

E: You're just going to dive straight in to it right?

S: No time my g, no time.

E: Anyway, there was actually a lot of hype around it and I think it really did deliver.

S: We weren’t there for all the days, but the time we spent there was definitely worth while.

E: Yeah we weren't sadly, Seun was around for the 2nd day & we went together for the penultimate day of the showcase but we couldn't stay till the end. I heard the Mai Atafo showcase and the last day were really great. Both of which we missed. *cleans tears*

S: Eventually we’ll be fine fam, Eventually we’ll be fine. 

E: Thanks my g. Just by the way i'll like to say that Eko Atlantic is actually a very beautiful place.

S: I know right. The sunset was just so breathtaking, the scenery too was really something to savour.

E: Yeah it was. The streetstyle was more breathtaking lol. 
Everyone came out with their A game, different styles and it looked really good.

S: We were definitely happy to be on ground to capture as much as we could from the event.

E:Yeah we did.

S:Wow nice response 😒. This is why baby girl will be giving you one word responses.
Anyway with out much talks we’ll be showing how we saw the style at the event.

E:lol you're the one that has been giving short answers abeg. 
Yeah so here's how we saw the style at the event 😊

S: Here are photos from the 2nd day which I attended

E: Here are some photos from Day 3 which we attended.

S: Over and out from us outchea.

E: #Thuglife E go be.

Thanks a lot for viewing the post :)  We would like to know..Did you get to attend LFDW? How did it go? what do you feel about the styles on the post? Do you have a Favourite style? You could drop your comments below..it would be appreciated. E go be :)