AKE by Selcouth

Thursday, August 10, 2017

I was pretty intruiged when I recieved a mail not too long ago about a new collection. 
I was particularly interested in the urban direction taken to convey a tradition message and the exhibition of patrimony. 
Selcouth have released the first pieces from the Aké collection. The collection has deep roots as it represents the creative directors (Royan) connection to his hometown of Abeokuta.
To him Aké represents the power, relationships, art, architecture, literature of Egba and he tries to incorporate all these parts into the pieces.

The collection features very little pictorial aesthetics but nonetheless is filled with much meaning. The earthy and brown colour schemes really empasized the root of the idea for me considering those are major characteristics of the city. Wole soyinka having being raised in Aké went on to write a book he so named and this accounts for why the creator features more textually on his tshirts reiterating essentially the same message:
"Don't waste culture!"
This he has done all in an attempt to evoke curiosity about the underlying cause behind his work. The collection is not yet complete as it'll receive some additions with more visually stimulating images this summer probably to be seen first at our yardsale at the end of this month.

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