Young Kulture 5

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Young Kulture is an experience that goes beyond just music, it's rooted around ideas. Like Jamal fondly says "This all started with a simple idea and a conversation between like minds."
The concert organized by D-Truce and Jamal Swiss returned for its fifth installment where it all started at Bobogiri House, Ikoyi Lagos. With the build up and a teriffic line up of performers it's safe to say the show was another successful one. 
As stated earlier it goes beyond music, there's an exhibition of various skills, products and talents. Like the limited edition "For The Kulture" hat collaboration with the Ordinary Guys, the mini Art exhibition and my personal favorites the light setup by 512Activity which made the entire experience something else entirely. The green light acted as a large gel for me, giving off  a grungy moody feel in the images. 
We made sure to capture as much as possible from Young Kulture 5, to enable those who were there to relive some of the surreal moments, for those who missed out to go through vicariously and have a taste of the experience. 

AKE by Selcouth

Thursday, August 10, 2017

I was pretty intruiged when I recieved a mail not too long ago about a new collection. 
I was particularly interested in the urban direction taken to convey a tradition message and the exhibition of patrimony. 
Selcouth have released the first pieces from the Aké collection. The collection has deep roots as it represents the creative directors (Royan) connection to his hometown of Abeokuta.
To him Aké represents the power, relationships, art, architecture, literature of Egba and he tries to incorporate all these parts into the pieces.