Henri Uduku Launch

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hi everyone! How's it going?
This past sunday was the launch of Henri Uduku and SS18 Presentation.
The collection consisted of  Shirts, Shorts, Pants and Scarfs.
He worked with very cool and neutral colour schemes on the outfits.
I particularly loved how simple the outfits were, especially the first ensemble.
Also, the footwear caught my eye.
I found out they're by Maliko (maliko_ng on Instagram, they make really nice stuff).
I took the scenes photographs of the look book shot by Esosa (sosa.yande)
 and pictures from the presentation of the collection.

Here are shots from behind the scenes.

A couple of adjustments to make everything picture perfect.

 Fooling around and laughter here and there  to lighten the mood as it wasn't really a rigid shoot.

 Here's Esosa

Henry Uduku

and Henry's brother Emmanuel.

The different outfit from the collection.

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