Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello Guys, Happy new month! It was the 1st of may which is also a public holiday and thanks to GTbank it was one to remember. GTbank organised an event tagged FoodAndDrink calling on all foodies (like me) to come eat, drink and have fun and we sure did!

A lot of people turned up for the event because it was a public holiday (GTbank..you smart.*points hand to my head*) lol.

 I was able to get highlights from the event and also happy moments, I guess food makes people happy because everyone was just smiling during the event lol


 At events like this, you tend catch up with old friends you have not seen in ages and that happened to me at this event.

Kudos to the vendors at the event, they really tried in satisfying everyone and making them happy

  The EatAndDrink was a huge success and i cannot wait to be at the next one, till then i still remain yours truly :)

Did you attend the event? If you did, how would you describe the experience? You could drop your comments below, Thanks!

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