In Focus: Urban Native

Friday, April 7, 2017
A while ago I decided to design and make some clothes. Then I took some photographs with my friends after I got the samples of the clothes and just slept on them. I took another look at them recently and I was like I should put them out. 
One day I just began to imagine Ankara having an urban luxury vibe, I thought how would that look like?  Around that time I recently saw some tee shirts, the ones with the extended bottoms and the zippers. For some reason I just thought they'd look good with some Ankara prints incorporated in them, then I thought leather would just give a high end vibe so I went for it. Then I decided to draw some of what I had in my head (not the greatest drawings by the way but they had to suffice) and talked to my friend YBC who made the outfits. 
Well that's it pretty much, so right I'm looking towards making some more keeping in mind bettering the finishing and diversifying the design.
Finally, this was shot Impromptu with my very good friends Bolu and Tomisin who models, then of you don't know who the black fine boy is that's Seun and Lawrence(his photo is at the end of the post) helped with a lot of the shots in the post. 

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