PEOPLE: My Black and Twisted Tote Obsession

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Our totes are out and I can't keep calm. #people tote as the name indicates is for everyone. Every gender, tribe, language, country, continent, race etc. We hope to transcend all of those factors that divide us with the unity of a
We source our materials very carefully  (quite a tedious process) because we want every bag to be an experience. We want to create your go to hand accessory that can contain as much as you can carry. The sewing is done with precision. All the lines matter to us and every thread is a concern. Our print design, unique. 

These bags are quite utilitarian (you have probably heard me say before). For male and female, they can take you to school, church, casual outings and are perfect 'carry-ons' option. Photographers would like this a lot for their cameras and equipments. They are cool.

Like you I used to think, why have a man bag? But since I started using these ones (by default I had first sample so I can decide if it's cool to hold and comfortable to use, and it is), I don't leave home without them. 


Hence, my black and twisted tote obsession.

Below is a piece that was almost read at a runway show featuring the tote bags. I thought to just put it here:
--For the sons and daughters; for gods on earth with the arrogance to believe in their supremacy. For children with the karmic comeuppance of their father's sins and turning such iniquity into immortality. We are aliens.

We are the unchosen children of our parents; stubborn enough to believe we can actually make a difference. We are not meant for obsurity, you will have to see that we came. Our poetic injustice lies in the fact that we were not given much to begin with, but we will make a world of difference. 

We are addicted to details; every thread counts. We are obsessed with design; what else are we without creativity. Quality is our motto; how else will you unseat old kings in the industry. We are sensitive to what you want; probably the first corporation that actually cares.
We are not rappers blaming the institution for our thuggery and poverty. We actually own up to our failure. We refused to try and we slipped into insignificance. Soon enough poverty joined.

We are the masses; the real owners that are now slaves. But now we will try, soon enough we will be riding on horsebacks again. We make the best totes; I told you we were arrogant. 
I am so hyped about this, love. I feel so excited, the words just keep flowing.....

Models: Gloria and Droxy
Props: Wijam
MUA: nil
Location and Photography: Ordinary and Art


  1. Great pictures and editing. The female model is such a natural and her shoes are pretty cool. :) I especially like the last three paragraphs. Definitely inspiring...and that confidence!! (this deserved a smiley but, oh well.) Awesome post.

  2. Pleasant read. Colour grading of some pictures could have been better though, all in all, good stuff.