Food And Culture Festival 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

Hi Everyone, how's it going?
Today was the Food & Culture Festival (If you're following our Instagram you'll probably have seen it in our feed or on our story). It's safe to say it was lit (pun intended). 
The Food and Culture Festival is an event by Rewahutt that is Food centric but emobodies other tourism and cultural elements as well pretty mush. We decided to take a couple photographs of what went down, some of our favorite highlights and my perosonal favorite fine girls 
(please check out our instagram @ordinaryandart incase you know my WCW's handle because 
i'm definitley putting her photograph up there. Help my life please). 

Young Kulture 5

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Young Kulture is an experience that goes beyond just music, it's rooted around ideas. Like Jamal fondly says "This all started with a simple idea and a conversation between like minds."
The concert organized by D-Truce and Jamal Swiss returned for its fifth installment where it all started at Bobogiri House, Ikoyi Lagos. With the build up and a teriffic line up of performers it's safe to say the show was another successful one. 
As stated earlier it goes beyond music, there's an exhibition of various skills, products and talents. Like the limited edition "For The Kulture" hat collaboration with the Ordinary Guys, the mini Art exhibition and my personal favorites the light setup by 512Activity which made the entire experience something else entirely. The green light acted as a large gel for me, giving off  a grungy moody feel in the images. 
We made sure to capture as much as possible from Young Kulture 5, to enable those who were there to relive some of the surreal moments, for those who missed out to go through vicariously and have a taste of the experience. 

AKE by Selcouth

Thursday, August 10, 2017

I was pretty intruiged when I recieved a mail not too long ago about a new collection. 
I was particularly interested in the urban direction taken to convey a tradition message and the exhibition of patrimony. 
Selcouth have released the first pieces from the Aké collection. The collection has deep roots as it represents the creative directors (Royan) connection to his hometown of Abeokuta.
To him Aké represents the power, relationships, art, architecture, literature of Egba and he tries to incorporate all these parts into the pieces.

The African Gentleman

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hey guys! Hope y'all have been good? Recently I got to do a shoot for the fashion company called SG wears. When I got to see the outfits from SG wears they looked like an African gentleman look, giving you this class. They make traditional wears, waistcoats and also makes Ankara ties..that looks mad btw. You could check out their IG page @SGWEARS to see more of the nice clothing they make. 

Henri Uduku Launch

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hi everyone! How's it going?
This past sunday was the launch of Henri Uduku and SS18 Presentation.
The collection consisted of  Shirts, Shorts, Pants and Scarfs.
He worked with very cool and neutral colour schemes on the outfits.
I particularly loved how simple the outfits were, especially the first ensemble.
Also, the footwear caught my eye.
I found out they're by Maliko (maliko_ng on Instagram, they make really nice stuff).
I took the scenes photographs of the look book shot by Esosa (sosa.yande)
 and pictures from the presentation of the collection.

Filled Day

Friday, May 26, 2017
Hi you, how's it going?
I'm going to start by saying though a creative block is the worst, it tends to deter you from trying a lot of things and creates a lot of doubts. That being said the solution is doing something.
I'm personally very enthusiastic about things from the past, I particularly enjoy and get excited about music, fashion and cars from the yesteryears. Well, I've actually been longing to create more retro-inspired images (we've done that previously, you can check them out here and here). So I was glad when my friend Gabriel(@mrr_gabriel on Instagram) and I were able to collaborate on this. It happened in the most random way to be honest, I just saw the fuel dispenser and suggested shooting with it and thats pretty much how we ended up shooting this. 
In my mind I went back in time and landed in the middle of nowhere. I decided to go north east, continued walking till I ended up at a fuelling station. I don't know if it was the heat but apparently the lady at the fuel dispenser was luring me, I tried to snap out of it but couldn't and ended up approaching her. After much persuation she ended up agreeing to go out with me.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Hey everyone,  There's love in the air..I can feel it! I was privileged to be part of the photographers to document this wedding of this amazing couple #TheSmiths. The wedding was a hit back to back lol. 


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello Guys, Happy new month! It was the 1st of may which is also a public holiday and thanks to GTbank it was one to remember. GTbank organised an event tagged FoodAndDrink calling on all foodies (like me) to come eat, drink and have fun and we sure did!

In Focus: Urban Native

Friday, April 7, 2017
A while ago I decided to design and make some clothes. Then I took some photographs with my friends after I got the samples of the clothes and just slept on them. I took another look at them recently and I was like I should put them out. 
One day I just began to imagine Ankara having an urban luxury vibe, I thought how would that look like?  Around that time I recently saw some tee shirts, the ones with the extended bottoms and the zippers. For some reason I just thought they'd look good with some Ankara prints incorporated in them, then I thought leather would just give a high end vibe so I went for it. Then I decided to draw some of what I had in my head (not the greatest drawings by the way but they had to suffice) and talked to my friend YBC who made the outfits. 
Well that's it pretty much, so right I'm looking towards making some more keeping in mind bettering the finishing and diversifying the design.
Finally, this was shot Impromptu with my very good friends Bolu and Tomisin who models, then of you don't know who the black fine boy is that's Seun and Lawrence(his photo is at the end of the post) helped with a lot of the shots in the post. 

Get Baked Lagos!

Friday, March 24, 2017
Last week end I attended the Lagos edition of Get Baked (see the previous one which happened in Ibadan here). A lot of activities went down and a good amount of people turned up, I know I saw a lot of familiar faces. Goes with out saying there was a lot to eat and drink and at the end of the day there were a good number of giveaways. I especially enjoyed the Long Island Iced tea from Royal Cocina and the new chocolate chip Mc' Vities biscuits I had. I had a fun and I'm sure it's only going to keep getting better.
Here are some pictures from the day:

C.A.G Bloggers Forum Lagos

Monday, February 13, 2017
Hi everyone, how's it going? It's been quiet a while right.
Anyway, yesterday I attended the Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum at Capital Square, Ikoyi, Lagos (very lovely location by the way). I attended my first one in Ibadan last year and I wrote about it here.
I was also priviledged to be one of speakers (It skipped my mind to get someone to take a photo, but I hope one surfaces soon). I actually got there a bit late so I missed out on part of the action. But I was able to meet up with the classes on SEO, Facebook advertising and Mailing lists taken by Alice and Dee dee then the Sewing class taken by Nedu of .  
I met up with other bloggers aswell, some I had met before, some I only knew online and while the rest were new namely Tamuno of , Tife of , Dammy of , Kingsley , Ethel and many others. 
Uhm, I actually struggled to take pictures (#PrimeLensproblems), then something happened to my flash earlier in the day so I contemplated doing a post. But James (Yes you James Emmanuel) forced me to work on it and I'm glad I did. 
I must say Colours and Grey are doing a good job with their Forum and I want to say a big thank you to Alice for having  me over. I picked up a number of things from the forum and I had fun while at it. I look forward to doing it again sometime soon.

PEOPLE: My Black and Twisted Tote Obsession

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Our totes are out and I can't keep calm. #people tote as the name indicates is for everyone. Every gender, tribe, language, country, continent, race etc. We hope to transcend all of those factors that divide us with the unity of a

In Focus: Jumpsuits

Friday, January 27, 2017
Hi everyone, how's everything going?
I know it's late but happy new year! We've really busy getting together a number of things from our very own tote bags to content for new post and a lot more things we'll love to share as they transpire. In this post we'll be looking at jumpsuits which I think is an iconic attire.
Jumpsuits are an item that has been numerously reinvented. In an attempt to breathe new life into them diverse materials, colors, fittings and occasions are kept in mind for the designs of jumpsuits.
These designs take into consideration a lot of looks ranging from casual, runways, event and work appropriate attire.
I personally love how you can attain a very elegant looking outfits with minimal accessories and a simple jumpsuit, which was one of the major intentions of this shoot.
Also, the jumpsuit fitting to accentuate the models beautiful figure. The black turtleneck jumpsuit looks haute, while the patterned jumpsuit isn't short of stylish it shows off her anatomy, the belt especially helps show her waist and curves. 
What do you think about this outfit and how would you have liked to style a jumpsuit?