In Focus: Turbans

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Hi everyone! How's it going?
We collaborated with Hall Of Hats recently to showcase some of their head gear, Turbans to be precise.
It's usually used in traditional or religious setting, but of recent it has become a more fashionable accessories. In this shoot we've attempted to incorporate it in current vogue to give it an urban twist.
Here are some words from the designer:

 Adiagha turbans are pre-sewn and ready- to- wear made for women, just pull in your head neatly; no tying needed.
These turbans are elegantly designed,  with beautiful accessories and flexible bows or roses. It's a light weight and strechy to fit the head size it's made for, it comes in sizes.

Great for evening - wear or special events, could even be worn over a casual outfit of jeans and an off shoulder blouse. A subtle and very unique piece, worn as a full head covering; tuck your hair in or leave it out.

Designed by
Glory Uwah 

Material - Satin 
Care - Hand wash