In Focus: Capes

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Hi Everyone, How's It going?
For a while now I've noticed this cape trend and how it comes in so many variations. 
From luxurious to minimal, blouses to jackets, the whole cape vogue has proven to be really 
trendy, versatile and easily loveable.
I was home last weekend and I met up with my good friend Morenike,
( You can check out what we've done previously here and here).
Any way she was wearing a cape made from ankara material which I absolutely loved.
 She decided to pair it with a black dress and gladiator sandals.
It was really simple and looked great, so we decided to do a shoot of it.

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  1. awwn seun. this is so nice.
    and you know morenike too!!!
    small world.