Saturday, October 1, 2016

Nigeria’s global positioning is a sad one. We depend on the international community for our very survival. Our children are unable to compete favorably with their international colleagues because our education philosophy is static, somewhat archaic and does not resonate with global trends. It is very interesting to see students from Nigeria pursue postgraduate degrees abroad and top their classes, so our current global positioning is not because we are dullards but because we have not been focused on the right things, we are mentally capable but we are not equipped.
Our short sightedness and lack of time perspective got us where we are, the future we were not investing into has become the present, and we are paying a steep price for our thoughtlessness.
We have huge reserves of mental and natural resources, we are potentially very rich but sadly we have not fully tapped into these reserves so we remain poor. Our economy is ridden with wastes and reckless spending that have very little ties with the national agenda; it almost seems as though we decide what we want to be as a nation but we end up doing the very things that will never get us there.
Our Nigeria is in dire need of a total overhaul, a wide scale re-engineering, a major re-definition.
The Nigeria I want to see: I am not primarily concerned with the leadership of the nation; my concern is with the citizenry because the quality of the citizenry will eventually dictate the quality of the leadership they get. The people usually get the government they deserve. I want to see a Nigeria where:
1.      Every child is made to identify her unique gifting and talents right from childhood
2.      Education is neither static nor archaic but is designed to help children grow and transform their unique gifting into major strengths and core competencies. I am tired of seeing people going to school to study everything that has nothing to do with what they will eventually become
3.      Government policies spur and motivate the citizenry to growth and advancement, where the government is the chief channel of inspiration for the citizenry. Government should have no business doing the business but should be concerned about creating an enabling environment for the citizenry to do business that will profit the nation.
4.      Every child becomes a reader, a leader, an influencer, an excellent communicator who can spur the people around him/her to positive action.
5.      There are no barriers to taking advantage of opportunities and if there are any poor people, it will be because they made poverty their lifetime ambition.
6.      National goals are set and broken down into the steps that will definitively lead to the goals, and everyone takes those steps every day until we hit our target
7.      Every spending, government initiative, policy, legislative proceeding is aligned concretely with the national goals…
A look at a section of the Nigerian populace would reveal a positive shift in the orientation and mindset of the people. The 21st century Nigerian youth absolutely refuse to be victims and submit to the system. These defiant independent minded, adventurous and inquisitive herd have dared to ask questions, rejected the status quo and have put to use the greatest gift this century has presented,
- Technology. This shoot is dedicated to the entrepreneurs, fashionistas, tech gurus, filmmakers and photographers, event planners, and so on. This pictures are a reminder of your strength and infinite capabilities, in a few days Nigeria would be celebrating its independence and even though she is far from where it should be I have hope coz we, this great chunk of the people of Nigeria live in the….NIGERIA OF MY DREAMS!!!
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