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Sunday, October 30, 2016
Hi Everyone, How's It Going?
Yesterday I attended the Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum at The Mauve Lounge,
 Ring Road, Ibadan.
It was a really informative and enjoyable program, with nice food, positive energy and a lot was given away both knowledge and products. I was really glad to meet and listen to Alice of Colours and grey among other amazing individuals.
I actually decided during the program to do a post and began to take pictures, and I think the came out pretty well irrespective. 
Then I found out last minute about the whole ankara and denim theme, which was something I actually looked out for. You I wanted to see how people would pair it and I think most people who attempted it were spot on.


Over and out from fine boy Seun.

I'll like to know how you feel about the post, so feel free to comment.
Thank you.


  1. Fine boy Seun,
    And so you posted that picture with my mouth like that Lol. Thank you very much for the shots. It was nice meeting you ✌

  2. Goodness gracious. This pictures are so F I N E. I'm stealing all of them o, twas great meeting you dear. We need to hangout soon o

    1. Thanks so much, feel free.
      Likewise, of course we should talk once you're ready.

  3. The pictures are so lit Mr Seun, most beautiful Girl award goes to Ella Medupin of naturalgirlonabudget lol. And I was totally digging your ankara pants!!! Cant wait to have my pictures and I look forward to shoots and future projects with you!!! You're amazing...

    Photos : Bloggers Meet At The Mall  

    1. Thanks so much *Covers face*, of course as soon as you're ready.

  4. Yeah, the pictures are really amazing!!! So amazing, I will like to work with you on my calendar shoot later in November!!!

    Oh, nice to meet you too!!! Thank you for coming around!!

    1. Thanks so much, It was my pleasure.
      Once you're ready you can hit me up.