A Day Out With Lizzy

Sunday, October 9, 2016

'I differ from many because I love uniquely than many', a wise man once said. I don't just love people and things, I love the little moments more. I love the smiles, the craft, the tears and tear: the attention to details, the reason for a slap, the thick emotions oozing from a hug, the ecstacy in conversation, the evening chats after dinner, the...everything. I love the 'why' beneath
a girl as much as her short skirt. I love her smiles, sometimes more than her cute face. Her natural hair is more appealing than red lips and distinct curves make my heart merry. I love the 'how' an outfit came together more than the stirs and whistles it gets on the street.

I don't fall in love with her as much as the 'what' that makes her. I am baffled by meaningless lust and empty promises. The fact that my kind is capable of such shallowness is reason for sleepless nights. I am a devout husband, married to the purity of meaning and eagerness of love. I would rather without love than love without. 
   My mysogynic tendencies come out in full flurry against the chameleons and daughters of jezebels of this generation. My feminism is partly androgynous but I know the real issue. I am a fruit; looking firm outside but soft on the inside. The ways we differ in our expression of love is what makes us diverse as human beings.

Model: Elizabeth 
Photography: O&A for O&A

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  1. The model is definitely killing it and the poetry basically adds the depth that brings the whole story together. Awesome post! #wouldreadagainandagain #fruitlife :P