CAG Blogger's Forum

Sunday, October 30, 2016
Hi Everyone, How's It Going?
Yesterday I attended the Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum at The Mauve Lounge,
 Ring Road, Ibadan.
It was a really informative and enjoyable program, with nice food, positive energy and a lot was given away both knowledge and products. I was really glad to meet and listen to Alice of Colours and grey among other amazing individuals.
I actually decided during the program to do a post and began to take pictures, and I think the came out pretty well irrespective. 
Then I found out last minute about the whole ankara and denim theme, which was something I actually looked out for. You I wanted to see how people would pair it and I think most people who attempted it were spot on.

Sunday Best: Back To Basics

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Hi everyone, how's it going?
I was at my school Covenant University last weekend to attend the Eagles Summit 
which is an annual gathering of the school's alumni for .
Sadly, I fell sick and missed most of the program. The next day which was sunday I was feeling better and decided to take some pictures after the service for old times sake. I can't lie I felt a little rusty but I still enjoyed myself. Sadly, I wasn't able to get through to or see my old partner Sipo but I was able to reconnect with a number of my other friends from school. I'll like to thank everyone who helped with the pictures, especially Temi and Simi.

In Focus: Palazzo Pants

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hi guys! I recently knew about this pants called palazzo and immediately fell in love with them. I came in contact OJD designs who makes these pants and we decided to do a collaboration. Palazzo pants are so easy to slip on, super comfortable, and the wide end of it spits “fashion drama” and fabulousity! Palazzo pants also cut across every style from androgynous to feminine to casual styles; it fits perfectly.

A Day Out With Lizzy

Sunday, October 9, 2016

'I differ from many because I love uniquely than many', a wise man once said. I don't just love people and things, I love the little moments more. I love the smiles, the craft, the tears and tear: the attention to details, the reason for a slap, the thick emotions oozing from a hug, the ecstacy in conversation, the evening chats after dinner, the...everything. I love the 'why' beneath


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Nigeria’s global positioning is a sad one. We depend on the international community for our very survival. Our children are unable to compete favorably with their international colleagues because our education philosophy is static, somewhat archaic and does not resonate with global trends. It is very interesting to see students from Nigeria pursue postgraduate degrees abroad and top their classes, so our current global positioning is not because we are dullards but because we have not been focused on the right things, we are mentally capable but we are not equipped.