Street Fashion Meet: VSCO Edition

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I have this new affinity for VSCO, so it was really necessary to do a VSCO edit of the Street Fashion Meet. Anyways, the real reason I'm doing this is because I didn't have an opportunity to do my credits. So here goes. This is not 'movie credits' but you don't have to sit through this either.

1. I want to thank Jesus for a successful Street Meet. The way it all came together was an act of miracle.
2. I want to thank Rapida Hotspot Services for providing internet at the venue and much more. These guys are great.
3. I appreciate Porsche Collectibles, Pose Wears and Meny Tee Shirts for trusting us with their clothes. They saved the day.
4. Very importantly is RV Modelling Agency, these guys are the best. They came through in a way that I didn't expect with such notice. And thank you Andrei.
5. I want to thank the Manager and Director of Decozy Lounge. They were such cozy hosts.
6. My new found brother Mc Dee was so on point, I was so impressed. Best MC for O&A yet.
7. I say it often that I have the best Make-Up Artist, but she is really the best.
8. I really appreciate our new Hair Stylist, she is next level. More on this later...
9. Teey Naya is simply the best. She came through in such an amazing way. Teey put together such an amazing collection in a short time. Teey, you're the best.
10. And I want to thank Didy for the connect. Thank you.
11. Chukwure is such an amazing partner. Bro, we did it!
12. I want to thank all the photographers that came on set: Rachael Anietie, Spartan, Ibk, Uby and others.
13. ROOTHUB gave us the support we needed. I hope we made you proud. 
14. The DJ really held his own. Thanks.
15. My ultimate brothers; Mmek (selfless guy), Pablo(a.k.a KTR the rapper...he came through) Meny, Kemmy, Zani Newton, Demo, Obasa, Kayode and brothers from the other divide.
16. My new found brothers; Nappie, Uby, Mali (such an awesome performance...he even got some endorsements), IBK (this guy is so laid back yet cool). I hope I have thanked everyone. I really feel like I've forgotten someone very important. Please I appreciate you too.
17. Today I saw real friends and I know some people couldn't make it (you are forgiven....). But all in all, it was such an amazing experience. I am grateful to Uyo for coming through. 

Thank you.

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