Off-Shoulder Season

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I have been looking forward to posting this for some time now. I'm glad I finally got the chance to. In the build up to this shoot, I had come to be somewhat attached to the off-shoulder looks (hope future bae is listening).
Off-shoulder ankara tops are a real beauty. They are edgy and classy, which is how you always want your lady to look. Since ankara prints are quite numerous, each one is very unique and the feel is comfortable. 

The more frequently used combination is with a plain legging (black, blue or any other dark colour), but recently I've seen them worn with matching Ankara pants or bright coloured pants, and they look superb as long as they are pencil pants. A brogue or flat shoe does well for footwear, but if you are a lover of heels, by all means. Minimal accessories are usually advised, maybe with a choker and hoop earrings. 

Another way to wear an off-shoulder ankara top is with a plain complementing coloured pencil skirt (I love how that looks in my mind). Refer to the colour wheel when you want to take such risks. I love the gladiator wedge with this, but normal glads are still cool. Go wild with the accessories if you may. The fedora is just my special touch.

Pencil is not compulsory for the off-shoulder though, a straight pant or Jeans can also work. But then, you'll need some adjustments on your top. In this instance, we went a little bit out of the ordinary with the red short and heels. Makes a lot of sense to me

                                                           Photography: O&A

                                                       Models: Ada & Amarachi 

                                                          MUA: BristlesByUcee


                                                       Ankara Tops

                                                   Shoot Directing:O&A and Collins