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Friday, August 5, 2016

Fashion they say trends, style however is a signature. I say who you are is determined from a distance by who you look.

I am proud to be African and as a lover of fashion and art, forgive me for the being a huge fan of fashion statements that maintain our heritage. Without patronizing any designer in particular, a lot of Nigerian designers for examples have been creative with African fabrics such as George, aso-oke, Ankara, laces and sequins to name a few.  Gone is the era of a typical yoruba Engagement ceremony being strictly iro & buba for the bride.  The combination of lace blouses and creative aso-oke skirts that look like iro, and mind blowing unconventional head gears  is but trending and to those who keep it real, kudos. The graceful owambe west-African woman goes a mile further to have the convertible outfit – depending on the occasion.

Another aspect of keeping it real yet African is in the hair-do and make up.  Black. Purple. Red. These were the colors our ‘fore-mothers who sat and washed our infant heads’ used to pronounce their eyes and maybe lips.  The substance however could be from plants, charcoal and the likes.  Again, this has been incorporated into the western fashion and it is honouring to know we started it!

I remember having to carry my natural tough black hair in its afro form, threaded or plaited. ‘The Africa and the west’ lady could totally pass.
Hi, I’m Tiwa, a fashion entrepreneur based in Lagos who illustrates fashion messages for designers, fabric merchants and the likes. In addition to my illustration services, custom illustrations inclusive, I hold workshops to train on fashion illustration.

Its relevance in the industry cannot be over emphasised and I am happy we are not left behind.




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