Kimono by Bee Clothings

Friday, August 5, 2016

I think the Kimono craze is slowing down but that doesn't mean we love it any less. For all that this still 'new' style has to offer, it's still colourful and very affordable. This new collection by Christie Bee is really a combination of lovely prints and quality fabric not forgetting good sewing
and finishing. The patterns,  designs and the many themes they can be used for, make us like them a lot.
This is one of the reasons why I was really poised to do this feature in the face of all the challenges we eventually encountered. First, we had location issues; there were rules about this particular location and they became almost overwhelming, we had to negotiate with the managers and even then, we considered shifting to another location at one point but that one too had "wahala". By some miracle, we got this one and it was awesome....

The people at Christie Bee were super supportive with the Kimonos but at a point we had to postpone the shoot because of issues with model management. We finally started shooting on the later date and the elements brought it's own challenge; rain. We had to shoot in between periods of rainfall and it took so much time. 

In the face of all these, we had a shoot. These are some of the challenges you face when you want to execute a project but God, the right attitude and perseverance always lead to a way. So my kimono story is not a style story, its a work ethic story. There are usually a lot of challenges surmounted before any shoot, feature, event or even Sunday Best, but God steers us on. 

By the way, am still looking for that guy that wanted to take a picture with us. Remember, on IG? Am still waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Photography and Visual Directing: OrdinaryandArt
Models: Qbee and Edidiong
Make-Up: I.N.U.K
Clothes by Christie Bee
Props: Pablo

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