Food Bazaaaaar!

Friday, August 26, 2016
Hello Guys! How has it been? Recently I was at the Food Bazaar  partnered with AfricanAndSlaying to capture everyone that was slaying..and were African #Deep right? Lol, Anyways the food bazaar was pretty cool, a lot of abuja folks turned up for the event. 
The AfricanAndSlaying Instagram page was available for people to take pictures with and they would have 1million likes #TrueStory and they sure did. Also, AfricanAndSlaying is opening AfricanAndSlayingTV, we conducted interviews with people asking them funny questions so anticipate for the videos.Here are the pictures from the event.

Oya DAB!

And as usual, the highpoint of the event! 

Thank you preshiee cakes!!

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