Food Bazaaaaar!

Friday, August 26, 2016
Hello Guys! How has it been? Recently I was at the Food Bazaar  partnered with AfricanAndSlaying to capture everyone that was slaying..and were African #Deep right? Lol, Anyways the food bazaar was pretty cool, a lot of abuja folks turned up for the event. 
The AfricanAndSlaying Instagram page was available for people to take pictures with and they would have 1million likes #TrueStory and they sure did. Also, AfricanAndSlaying is opening AfricanAndSlayingTV, we conducted interviews with people asking them funny questions so anticipate for the videos.Here are the pictures from the event.

For The Love Of Jackets II

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hi everyone, how's it going?
Remember when we  did the For The Love Of Jackets Post?
Well you should check it out if you haven't see it.
Anyway, it was sometime around the end of july when James saw Johnny's post and we absolutely loved it. Coincidentally, we walked by this location we both thought looked so cool, 
we had cameras with us and I was wearing a jacket. 
So for the Love Of Jackets we just had to shoot this.
The idea behind the outfit apparently was to pull off a very casual and somewhat athletic look.
It obviously wasn't premeditated, but I think we were able to work pretty well the aesthetic we had in mind.

Kimono by Bee Clothings

Friday, August 5, 2016

I think the Kimono craze is slowing down but that doesn't mean we love it any less. For all that this still 'new' style has to offer, it's still colourful and very affordable. This new collection by Christie Bee is really a combination of lovely prints and quality fabric not forgetting good sewing

The Fusion.

Fashion they say trends, style however is a signature. I say who you are is determined from a distance by who you look.

I am proud to be African and as a lover of fashion and art, forgive me for the being a huge fan of fashion statements that maintain our heritage. Without patronizing any designer in particular, a lot of Nigerian designers for examples have been creative with African fabrics such as George, aso-oke, Ankara, laces and sequins to name a few.  Gone is the era of a typical yoruba Engagement ceremony being strictly iro & buba for the bride.  The combination of lace blouses and creative aso-oke skirts that look like iro, and mind blowing unconventional head gears  is but trending and to those who keep it real, kudos. The graceful owambe west-African woman goes a mile further to have the convertible outfit – depending on the occasion.


Monday, August 1, 2016
Hey guys! Welcome to the new month of August, we have a lot in store for you guys this month so brace yourself!  This past weekend was CKM2016, a charity event organised by Checkmate and it was lit! There was a charity football match and there were a lot of food stands, I had a lot of friends that were selling so I had to patronize them meaning I ate a lot. As usual, people came out slaying for the event and you trust O&A to capture every moment there.
Feel free to comment about the post and the event, did you enjoy the event? was it boring? was it lit? Let us hear how you feel.