Meny meets Akan

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I was waiting at one of my tailor's to conduct clandestine business when I found myself in a  conversation with this guy who was waiting too, thanks to Pablo. In the next couple of minutes I realized he was an artist, an actual artist who paints on canvas (knowing how much that word has been varied), with a studio and has produced works that could blow your mind. Akan.

I saw a couple of pictures, but nothing prepared me for the actual feel of each piece as I went through them in his archive. An interesting collection, beautiful to behold and experience, I almost forgot myself. The colour magic is almost as important as the art story, imagination and presentation. So we just had to do a shoot.


Also, about a week or two ago, I came by a friend I had not seen for a very long time. I have always known him to be quite creative (he taught me a thing or two back then) and I easily fell in love with his work. Meny. He has awesome shirts he made himself with great designs. The finishing is quality, material is top notch and the print looks and feels great. All in all, the shirts are really clean works of art. 
It was really fun to bring these two people together, two creative artists, made me feel ordinary. 

Idara Elsh



Did you see Tinie Tempah?

Clothing: Meny
Art and Location: Akan
Styling: O&A
Directing and Photography: O&A
Models: Nappy, Omon, Droxy, Qbee, Idara Elsh.

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