For The Love of Jackets

Friday, July 1, 2016

I have taken a particular liking to jackets; bomber, varsity, coats, etc, so imagine my excitement when 'the board' agreed that I can go to the market and find jackets for retail. I had been there before to window

 shop so I knew exactly where to go. From leather jackets to warm long coats for the rainy season; From varsity to bomber; From FireMen jackets to Miners Collection; I love how jackets make me feel. The security, the warmth, the style and class a jackets adds to your outfit is incomparable. 
Now am not going to say "I dislike suit jackets. And I say dislike because I hate the word hate". But the informality of all other jackets (except suit jackets)  make them street wear and a wild side to formal wear. This means with a jacket, you can pretty much change the dynamics of your outfit. 
So as our custom is, we are retailing really cool and nice thrift jackets. They are superb quality yet very cheap. I sound like a money doubler but it's the truth. Try and see for yourself. Send us a DM on Instagram or Twitter or an e-mail to and we'll deliver on our promise.

For the shoot however, we worked with our new modeling team. They are talented individuals who are quite committed to their craft. A huge chunk of this shoot won't have been possible without our photographers; Fakography and HillzStudios. TheMargaretSandy made us all look stunning; superb Make-Up Artist. 
Models: Adamz, Abigail, Edidiong, Ema, Osaz, Andrei, Droxy, Ebere.

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