Diner En Blanc

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Recently, I was inspired by the people from the Black Tux an online Suit and Tuxedo rental company. Long story short, I decided to create a look for how i'll style myself and my date for a Diner en Blanc after seeing some of their really nice suits & tuxedos.
The Diner en Blanc is pretty much a Pop Up party similar to Diddy's Yearly White Party which is a event where people dress in their best formal white attires and enjoy a nice dinner.
I personally like formal wear styles, so I immediately went
 ahead to do some research to put together a male and female outfit. 

The male outfit favoured a more classic blend of items which consists of; 
A gold band classic black bow tie by The Indulgence
A Shawl lapel jacket
A pair of black pants 
Black Tassel Loafers by Glenn Judo

While the female  outfit is more urban as the items include; 
A white jacket with black lapels,
A Lace jumpsuit,
Black strappy Zara heels
and Black clutch with embellishments. 

What do you think and how would you have put together your own outfit?

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