Diner En Blanc

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Recently, I was inspired by the people from the Black Tux an online Suit and Tuxedo rental company. Long story short, I decided to create a look for how i'll style myself and my date for a Diner en Blanc after seeing some of their really nice suits & tuxedos.
The Diner en Blanc is pretty much a Pop Up party similar to Diddy's Yearly White Party which is a event where people dress in their best formal white attires and enjoy a nice dinner.
I personally like formal wear styles, so I immediately went
 ahead to do some research to put together a male and female outfit. 

The male outfit favoured a more classic blend of items which consists of; 
A gold band classic black bow tie by The Indulgence
A Shawl lapel jacket
A pair of black pants 
Black Tassel Loafers by Glenn Judo

While the female  outfit is more urban as the items include; 
A white jacket with black lapels,
A Lace jumpsuit,
Black strappy Zara heels
and Black clutch with embellishments. 

What do you think and how would you have put together your own outfit?

NFB Yardsale

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hi everyone! Hope things are going good.
This past sunday I attended the Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale
at the Ethnic Heritage Center,  Ikoyi, Lagos and it was really fun.
It was an opportunity to add a couple stylish items to your wardrobe while raising funds for the Iroto School of Catering in Illoti community, Ogun State.
Also, I was able to finally meet a couple of bloggers that I've been following for a while. 
Then I actually made a purchase at the auction (#teamdoitforthechildren).
I particularly liked how the items were advertised during the auction, 
it started off slow but picked up eventually. 
The items auctioned off were from several diverse brands which including
Jewels by Lisa, Tiffany Amber, Hermes, Zara, Gucci and many more.
I wish I was able to get more Items ( I slacked at this end) and pictures, but I didn't have enough backspace because the booths were a little tightly arranged (Prime Lens problems), but i'm sure it can only get better with time.
Irrespective I hope you enjoy some of the highlights of the event.

Feature Sessions: Cassie Daves

Friday, July 22, 2016


Hi everyone,  Hope you've been having a great week so far?
Mine has been mad stressful, but I'm glad I finally got around to putting this post together,
by the way I'm writing this at 2:55 in the morning.

Meny meets Akan

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I was waiting at one of my tailor's to conduct clandestine business when I found myself in a  conversation with this guy who was waiting too, thanks to Pablo. In the next couple of minutes I realized he was an artist, an actual artist who paints on canvas (knowing how much that word has been varied), with a studio and has produced works that could blow your mind. Akan.

Food Expo Summer 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016
Hey Everyone! How has it been? I was at the food expo this past sunday and it was live! I can frankly say that I saw everyone I knew in Abuja there. I guess Abuja folks has been looking for an event to go for and this food expo came at the right time. When I went for the food expo, I thought I would be attracted to the food right? Well i was more attracted to the ladies there..for obvious reasons :). All the ladies came with their A game to the expo, for me it was like a fashion parade. I went with my camera and I did not regret it, here are some of the beautiful outfits I was able to capture from the food expo. 


Monday, July 11, 2016
Hey Guys..how have you been? The S.P.L.I.T program held this past thursday and it was an awesome program indeed. As the name implies Song Poetry Lifestyle Internet Talk, there were a lot of performances and presentation about this. I must commend the organizers because the program went on smoothy. I was the official photographer for the event..enjoyed every bit of it. Here is the picture story on how program went down.

                                  The 'I Was Here' poster..I wrote my full name and number :)

In Focus: Bodycon

Hi Everyone! How's it going?
I've been away in camp for a while, I got posted to Ibadan by the way #Oyokopa
 (Just in case anyone there is reading this and was to show me around and stuff, I don't mind).
Anyway I got home last week and decided I should do a Sunday Best post, but I opted for a Sunday style post instead when I saw my friend Morenike (who i've featured previously here
whose outfit I  really loved.
She wore a sleeveless turtleneck bodycon dress which she paired with dark glasses, a jacket
 and black strappy heels. I liked the whole monochrome vibe she had going on, the way the dress accentuated her body shape and her hair.
I think the way she wore it could pass as corporate wear or business casual with a little alterations .
What do you think about the outfit and how would you have styled it?

For The Love of Jackets

Friday, July 1, 2016

I have taken a particular liking to jackets; bomber, varsity, coats, etc, so imagine my excitement when 'the board' agreed that I can go to the market and find jackets for retail. I had been there before to window