Sunday Best: Thanksgiving Service

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Hi guys! how has it been? First, let me say congratulations to everyone that graduated this past weekend, the world awaits your greatness. I attended the thanksgiving service for the Prestige Set, and yeah I was able to get pictures of people that killed it! Big ups to the psychology ladies that came through for the pictures. I also want to appreciate partner Seun for his assistance. Here are the pictures..sit back and enjoy :)










                                                                     Seun My Gee

                           I was not left out too, I had to take pictures with this beautiful ladies.

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  1. You said to "...sit back and enjoy :)" and I most certainly did! So much swag and I especially like the girl in the "menswear"(I forgot the name #coversface), the editing is giving all sorts of life!! Awesome post! :)