Cap Story

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

For the lot of you cap addicts like me, or aspiring 'capful gentlemen', we get tired of going shop after shop both online and in-line malls and not finding a cap worthy of our dome. They are either too shallow for our large domes or too deep for our smaller
frames or just too flat or 6 panel instead of 5 or a Velcro rather than a buckle strap. The material might be leather when we want cotton or suede. In short, so many things could go wrong specification wise while cap shopping.

And then one day you wander into that shop (whose name shall not be mentioned), and see a perfect 6 panel dome-fit denim cap that you only see in dreams, only to find the price tag and it's literally more expensive than everything you are wearing....true story. So you are either unsatisfied or emasculated (I hope the same word goes for both sexes) but definitely not satisfied, hence, we launched Cap Story.
On this platform, we want to find quality, well branded caps (hats) that not only look good but will last long enough to become the one cap.
Cap wearers know about 'the cap' as that one head-wear a person becomes identified with due to how good he looks in it, how well it fits, how he wears it every time and how the boyfriends/girlfriends always want to steal it. So we want to create that platform of a thrift shop for you to find good caps that are worthy of your dome without stressing your wallet one bit. 
Really affordable, good quality, well made and good brands....Caps. 
How is that for a Cap Story?

Photographer: Fakography, HillzStudios.
Models: Adamz, Abigail, Edidiong, Ema, Osaz, Andrei, Droxy, Ebere.
Make-Up Artist: TheMargaretSandy.
Styling, Props: OrdinaryandArt, Droxy.
Directing; Droxy, OrdinaryandArt.

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