Sunday Best: Thanksgiving Service

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Hi guys! how has it been? First, let me say congratulations to everyone that graduated this past weekend, the world awaits your greatness. I attended the thanksgiving service for the Prestige Set, and yeah I was able to get pictures of people that killed it! Big ups to the psychology ladies that came through for the pictures. I also want to appreciate partner Seun for his assistance. Here are the pictures..sit back and enjoy :)

Cap Story

For the lot of you cap addicts like me, or aspiring 'capful gentlemen', we get tired of going shop after shop both online and in-line malls and not finding a cap worthy of our dome. They are either too shallow for our large domes or too deep for our smaller

LOGiN Bloggers Network Contributes to Nigeria’s Development; Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Bloggers in Nigeria just like our entertainment sector have become large contributors to Nigeria’s success story. The gains of having internet savvy youths in Nigeria are enormous, and have led to employment and deployment of digital media, and blogging skills even for organisations.
The LOGiN Bloggers Network, the pioneer and unique crème of bloggers in Nigeria have shown that blogging is a profession, that if practised ethically and consciously can lift the burden of poverty and ignorance in Nigeria. Made up of trained ethical bloggers in niches like Development, Telecom, Patriotism, Business, Automobile, Lifestyle, News, Tech, Education, Mother and Child, Reviews, Events and places and more, members of the LOGiN Bloggers Network are spread across various states in Nigeria but bound with the common creed to tell Nigeria’s story positively.
They do this by working with brands, institutions and personalities who are ready to reap the viral effect a large number of bloggers alone can bring to a brand. Blogging has been identified as the largest Search Engine Optimisation tool and this network is stopping at nothing to provide exposure for great ideas, development strides and brands.
It is also on record for these 3years, that this network organises the annual Bloggers Party and Awards in Abuja and provides trainings too. So while speaking to the initiator Jenny Chisom Opara, she explained that “The LOGiN Bloggers Network was born exactly 3 years ago in a training facility in Abuja, as a brand initiative of the Logos Audibles Enterprises. It’s aimed as a means to groom a new crop of bloggers that will do things differently, shunning copy and pasting as well as every form of unethical/black hat practices. It soon grew into a network that now work with brands and with members and associates across Africa, this anniversary is a time for launching out in full force to wield our influence to bear on project Nigeria and to project brands in Nigeria properly. As we celebrate, we call on all bloggers across the world to acknowledge that they have the influence and commit to using it right.”
We can agree that bloggers have become a large component of our every day mobile and tech lives, and commend the efforts of these bloggers as they show the world and Africa how important their roles are.
Happy 3rd Anniversary LOGiN Bloggers Network!!!
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and with support from across the globe

Feature Sessions: WangerAyu

Friday, June 17, 2016
Hi everyone, Hope you're good.
It's been a while since we had our last Feature Sessions segment, well we're back. 

In this edition we had an opportunity to meet with the amazing Designer, Wanger of  WangerAyu

How To Create The Perfect Ombre Lips

Saturday, June 11, 2016

   Get in here girls, this right here is just for the ladies. I know how hard it has been for you to get that perfect shade of ombre on

your lips. Well, it's pretty easy. First of all,


Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Hi everyone! Hope everything is going well? I was in contact with Freddy from Freddynation and He wanted a shoot for his new T-shirts. I was really happy when Freddy mentioned that He has been following O&A  for quite sometime so we going international :).  Freddy studied in Ghana and started his clothing line in school so its no surprise that there are Ghana prints involved on his outfits. These T-shirts are truly unique and everyone needs to have one for them self , so its safe to say that Ghana must not go!
 Here are the pictures from the shoot..