In Focus: Nike Sneakers

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nike is probably the most recognizable sports brand in the world, branching into pretty much all the actively played sports. They are also a serious force to reckon with when it comes to making sneakers as they have a lot of  diverse collections and collaborate with several notable individuals from several walks of life. I'm going to be focusing on a few standout sneakers they worked on over the years some which have resurfaced or have been recreated and even new ones. I'll focus mostly low's because of personal preference and how stylish I think they are as opposed to looking athletic.


The ultralight-weight "minimalist" sneakers first released around 2012 was inspired by Zen and meditation. Apparently, Nike wanted to create a shoe that was pretty affordable and simple. Well they were spot on with these shoes. With it being affordable, light and stylish it a really good buy and has received generally positive reviews as a sneaker in general. It just exudes this cool but still active vibe when seen.

Inneva Woven.

I can't remember precisely how I came across these the first time, but when I saw them it was love at first sight. Initially they came in monochrome colours but more colorways have been added. The sneakers posses this wonderful intricate but still "minimalist" deign with it being hand woven and the lace technology for it to maintain its shape. It makes use of nylon webbing and soft premium leathers
for pure comfort which to me is one of the most essential thing for sneakers.

I actually had no idea that the shoes were re-created when I saw them for the first time around two years ago. I immediately developed a penchant for them (well cause the first pair I saw were all black and then the others were in the Yeezy traditional colour ways). The shoes were made very popular by Michael Johnson when he got injured in the Barcelona '92 Olympics. Anyway I saw the triple black versions in Suede and Leather and was it a sight to behold.

The Yeezy Colour ways.

Air Force One.
Originally created as Basketball shoes in the 80's which came in High, Mid and Lows. The shoes then became rampantly popular in the early 2000's mostly because of it 25th anniversary editions and was worn by a lot of rappers and a couple of basketballers. The shoe's design is apparently pretty athletic 

and have been copied by a number of other brands (i'm in no way subing Bape sta's).
Recently, they've re-resurfaced (*sings work in the background*) and I've seen a couple amazing colour ways as well. I think they the right proportion if a stylishly athletic look is to be pulled off.

Air Yeezy.
To be honest even as ostentatious as they looked I actually prefer the Nike Air Yeezy to the Yeezy Boost sneakers. I really don't know what it is about them anyway but they are just so fine.

The shoes were design by Nike and Kanye West, this was actually Nike's first non-athletic design collaboration. The project was highly successful and when they did their first release in 2009. Subsequently they released the Yeezy 2 in 2012 and the Iconic Red October colorway in 2014 before their disagreement and Kanye West's moved on to Adidas (I talked about this in this post here).  The sneakers initially retailed for around $250 but it's re-sale value was inflated and got to as high as $4000.

Air Max.
The Nike Air max sneakers were one of the first line of shoes to be released by Nike in the 80's. The shoes have gone on to become an Iconic model of the brand Nike. Originally created for running which it still maintains to an extent. 
It's popular for its see through heel and they have managed to incorporate it in all their designs till date. It's very popular among sneaker heads as the shoe it's self has been heavily marketed by Nike. It comes in several editions and below are a couple of my favorite designs of the sneaker.

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