Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Happy New Month Guys! I was invited for a wedding by my friend Azendah last month so i figured it was a good way to get pictures for the blog. I was like the second photographer at the wedding but that did not stop me from doing my red carpet stuffs..getting good outfits from the wedding. I must say the couple were meant to be with each other, they were always smiling and happy and all and i wish them a blissful marriage with beautiful kids! Here are my favourite pictures from the wedding..

The Happy Couple!
The Beautiful Bride
The Groom

And as usual, i was able to get some nice oufits from the wedding

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  1. The girl wearing the all black gown, posing with a guy looks gorg.. I just wish as pictures are taken, the photographer should try to advice them on a good pose..

    1. yeah they were one of my fave..would advice them next time Thanks!