Double Denim/Summer Vibes

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hi Everyone! 
Hope you're excited I've got another outfit up today.
I thought about going to the beach recently and for some reason the whole double denim thing crossed my mind, we did a shoot on it a while back you can check it out here
So I decided to put together some clothes I felt would look really stylish, yet simple for a beach type occasion or a summer party and the likes. Here a the details on the individual pieces;

Basketball Jersey: This jersey was actually designed for the Toronto Raptors by thier ambassador Drake. If you look at it properly you'll notice the jersey has the whole OVO colour schemes on it.

Denim Shirt: I think Retrocode ( Vintage Shirt Makers) made one of these one time but they keep bring out new stuff it's hard to keep up.

Leather Cap: This one is particularly by SCZR, they make really nice stuff.

Shorts by J.Crew.

Double Strap Sandals: Lets your legs air out and feel free. I mean not everytime sneakers.

Sports Bag: I wanted to put a tote initially , then I saw this sports bag can't even remember where and added it instead.

Alright that's pretty much it, Would you wear this?
What do you think about the outfit?

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