In Focus: Kimono

Friday, May 27, 2016
Hi everyone! Hope everything is going well?
Last couple of weeks I've been telling myself I'll take pictures after church, 
but one thing or the other keeps coming up and I end up not taking any. 
Well this week was different, I got to take pictures of my amazing artist friend Morenike.
She kept forming modest and feigning inability to draw or model ­čśĺ.
She wore a black dress, a kimono with leather details (which actually drew my attention to her outfit and the Fringe thingy at the bottom) and paired it with nude strappy heels. 
Kimonos are originally Japanese traditional outfits worn for significant events. 
In recent time it has been recreated to have this urban appearance, making it look smaller yet considerably conservative, simple and generally more fashionable.

Sunday Best!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Hey Guys! How has it been? It was a colorful day on Sunday and everyone came out looking take-way! I was able to get pictures from House On The Rock and Also visited COZA to get a couple of pictures but i was apprehended :(  and told not to take pictures of "their members". Also in HOTR I was told not to take pictures cos of security reasons..Due to that I would not be posting Sunday's best as I used to so bear with me :) Big ups to babatunde from eobPhotography for assisting me with the could check out his works on INSTAGRAM @eob_photography. Here are the pictures from this past sunday..ENJOY!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Hi There,
                  Welcome, I am TheMargaretSandy and I'm going to be posting lots of exciting stuff about makeup as an art, and makeup just for the beauty, fun and confidence that a pretty face gives. So, do you love makeup as much as we do?

Double Denim/Summer Vibes

Hi Everyone! 
Hope you're excited I've got another outfit up today.
I thought about going to the beach recently and for some reason the whole double denim thing crossed my mind, we did a shoot on it a while back you can check it out here
So I decided to put together some clothes I felt would look really stylish, yet simple for a beach type occasion or a summer party and the likes. Here a the details on the individual pieces;

Basketball Jersey: This jersey was actually designed for the Toronto Raptors by thier ambassador Drake. If you look at it properly you'll notice the jersey has the whole OVO colour schemes on it.

Denim Shirt: I think Retrocode ( Vintage Shirt Makers) made one of these one time but they keep bring out new stuff it's hard to keep up.

Leather Cap: This one is particularly by SCZR, they make really nice stuff.

Shorts by J.Crew.

Double Strap Sandals: Lets your legs air out and feel free. I mean not everytime sneakers.

Sports Bag: I wanted to put a tote initially , then I saw this sports bag can't even remember where and added it instead.

Alright that's pretty much it, Would you wear this?
What do you think about the outfit?

In Focus: Nike Sneakers

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nike is probably the most recognizable sports brand in the world, branching into pretty much all the actively played sports. They are also a serious force to reckon with when it comes to making sneakers as they have a lot of  diverse collections and collaborate with several notable individuals from several walks of life. I'm going to be focusing on a few standout sneakers they worked on over the years some which have resurfaced or have been recreated and even new ones. I'll focus mostly low's because of personal preference and how stylish I think they are as opposed to looking athletic.

Monochrome Native Vibes

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hi everyone! How's it going?
I've been channeling my inner designer, guess that's probably why this outfit might make you look like a panda­čÉ╝ Lol. 
But for real I just had this urge to put together an outfit after actually seeing the shoes in this look. 
I think the whole idea behind monochrome outfits is to look elegant yet simple. 
There's not so much going on, definitely some I'll rock to different functions. Man has to flaunt the inner Yoruba demon.

The Native wear is by Jay Osibie.
The Glasses are Ray Ban Wayfarer's.
The Ring and Bracelet are by VItaly Design.
The Shoes are by Sir Jhoe Vanity. 

I'll love to know what you think about the outfit ?

Sunday Best: #COZA

Friday, May 13, 2016
Hey Guys! How is everyone doing? This past sunday I wanted to do something new so attended COZA for the first time..We Celebrate You! I am sure I said that a million times and I enjoyed every bit of it. As of style, they know how to pull off their sunday best, a lot of lovely outfits and I was able to get some people that slayed to church..Sit back and Enjoy!

Diva Covers

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Hey Everyone! Here we have a wonderful clothing line to present to you called Diva Covers...making covering the new sexy! They deal with kimonos..jackets..long gowns and skirts. I must say she has unique designs that everyone would love and yeah its pretty affordable! These are pictures of the Diva covers well to get one or all of them. If you are interested in getting one of these amazing Rukayat 08052903201 or follow @Hajiarukayya on Instagram and send a message..Thank you.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Happy New Month Guys! I was invited for a wedding by my friend Azendah last month so i figured it was a good way to get pictures for the blog. I was like the second photographer at the wedding but that did not stop me from doing my red carpet stuffs..getting good outfits from the wedding. I must say the couple were meant to be with each other, they were always smiling and happy and all and i wish them a blissful marriage with beautiful kids! Here are my favourite pictures from the wedding..