N.E.W = Neck. Ears. Wrist

Friday, April 15, 2016

The ordinary and art tradition emphasizes the ability to promote or create (if not already existent) the culture that is strangely unique yet undeniably varied to everyone involved. Which brings us to a point of definition. Who is the ORDINARY person? What is the art behind the ordinary person? And why are we talking about him?

The ordinary person is you and I. The greater fool of today's economy who suffers the consequences of every policy but never makes one. The man and woman who stands hours in line to register and vote  but doesn't have a representation. They are the faceless people who only constitute statistics in polls and fuel queues.

The ordinary person is the trend setter who is not popular so he/she has to wait till an actual celebrity makes the style popular enough to be a trend. The ordinary person is that girl/guy that spends an hour thinking of the best way to match those different outfits into a style. An ordinary person is the thrift shopper who appreciates quality more than quantity.
 Am a believer in the ordinary person because am an ordinary person.


N.E.W is an ordinary culture. Neck wears, bracelets and ear rings that have a feel to them. A pursuant of quality and strength even when it seems people no longer care about that. It is an identity. A fashion statement. Welcome N.E.W.

We believe in fashion but we also believe in a lifestyle; an identity and a definition of who you are and what you can become and we hope you like our new product like we do.

N.E.W is timeless and will transcend our time. She aims to be the true personification of our accessorizing and will work for anybody and any outfit combination.

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This N.E.W You is pretty affordable!
 The Neckbead 1500 Naira
The Wristbead 400 Naira
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  1. The creativity in this shoot is first class!! Awesome stuff!

  2. Motherfucker JonesApril 18, 2016 at 5:10 PM

    Nice shoot, models are top class. Are they single?