In Focus: Ultra Casual Native Vibes

Saturday, April 9, 2016
Hello everyone, Happy Weekend!
Seeing as it the weekend you know how it's official Nigerian tradition (like turning on the generator by 7:00 pm and Putting stew/soup in Ice Cream Containers intentionally to raise people's hopes then nefariously dash it entirely 😒) to wear native during the weekends.
If you've met me or know me to an extent you'll know I'm really simple, laid back and I like to be very comfortable. I guess that's pretty evident  this post, also in a previous post here I mentioned how I'm looking to add new pieces to my wardrobe and what not (Father stretch my bank account 😭). 
So I've been on the look out for pieces I would add and created an outfit off of it.
This particular outfit contains:
A Tee Shirt by Roc and Religion 
(their prints are awesome and very artistic, 
you should check them out on Instagram: @rocandreligion)
Ankara Print Pants.
A Matte Ring & Bracelet.
Double Strap Sandals.

I realized after picking out the pieces that the outfit is pretty androgynous; it can easily be pulled off by a female. So I added a pair of cat eyed glasses and began to imagine a particular person who would pull it off perfectly. 
So yeah that's it, what do you think?

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