Spring Wish-List

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Recently I've been on the lookout for new clothes and accessories to add to my wardrobe and what not (mostly what not). Seeing as it's spring season (I mean it in the fashion way not weather ­čÖä) which is also about changing up old stuff for new stuff, there would surely be new trends spotted and new collections released. 
Anyway while on the lookout I coincidentally came across Spring, a New York based store of fashion accessories by several brands that are mostly Spring inclined (bet you didn't see that coming) can be purchased all in one place. It started off as just looking at one or two things ( I'm serious, just one or two) before I know it I had created a full outfit all pieces from the same site. The outfit is really simple and I think it embodies the spring vibe quite well and they are things that can actually be worn in this weather (the heatwave is something else right now in Nigeria, but we move)

PS: I won't mind getting any of the items as gifts, Thanks!

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