College Ball

Sunday, March 6, 2016
Hi Everyone, How's it going?
This past weekend, on Saturday to be precise the Covenant University Campus Ball held.
It was a night to award, recognize and celebrate several individuals excelling in their different field of endeavor. It was generally much better than last years which you can see here
Hopefully next time the organizers improve on the sound and illumination.
There were several interesting performances in between the presentation of the awards.
Also what we actually wanted to see every year who wore what and who wore it best, a lot of people brought their A-Game and I must say they really put up an exhibition.
We were able to get pictures of several individuals at the event and how things unraveled through the course of the program; from the red carpet, to the awards, performances and much more. 
Sadly, I was unable to get as many red carpet pictures as I wanted, but you can check out more amazing red carpet outfits on Desiree Iyama's awesome blog post here.  

We would like to appreciate Sipo of STJ Photography for all his hard work. 
He took all the shots in this post.


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