Monday, February 15, 2016
Like a number of recent trends ripped or distressed jeans are actually not new, its a recycled trend that has really caught on like wild fire. It usually exudes this appealing grunge vibe if done properly, also it gives the individual rocking the outfit an apparent bad-ass disposition.
It's something fits the whole street style aesthetic very well and it's generally acceptable pop culture among the youthful population.
In this shoot we got the models to pair their jeans with a variety of tops and accessories to pull of several looks. Our intention was to demonstrate how the jeans could be styled to look Urban, Edgy & Chic.

                                                              M E E T       S H A R O N

                                                                   M E E T       J O Y

                                                                 M E E T      A L I C E

                                                             M E E T      A M A R A C H I

                                 M E E T       A D A                              

                                                                M E E T       K U N L E

                                                            M E E T      T H E      B A E S

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