Love In A Short Dress

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tis the season to love and be loved; to be cocky, jealous, over-rated, ignorant, adamant, selfish, over-dressed, colour-blocked, and all the other things that love allows us to do.

This year the infamous Lover's Day falls on a Sunday, how romantic! No one can give work as an excuse, at least we hope no one will try. So why don't we try something really fun and go for a picnic with that special one, that is of course after the ritualistic red rose in the morning (crucial).

Get a picnic basket, fill in a couple of fruits, snacks, an actual meal (so you don't end up having to go wait in line at a restaurant again because someone is still hungry, better to have left overs), a food item you both can play with like popcorn, so you can throw in someone's hair and pretend to try to remove it ("pretend" because that gesture will land you an early make-out session.....according to research). Don't forget ice cream because Sundays can be really hot and water too.

Sneak in a bottle of red wine (any other would be inappropriate) so that when evening comes you still have reason for "another glass". But don't forget your picnic cloth because some people are allergic to grass, yes it's actually a thing. 

Anyways, am always taken by evenings this dry season. The sky seems so beautiful and once in a while, that evening orange Sun can really make your heart melt. I like the fact that grasses are brown too this time of year, except when you are sitting close to a pond as is the case here. Kudos to Andrei for location. 

Look what the 'cow' dragged in. That is how we were on our own being romantic and all, until this!
To what you are probably really interested in, the fashion. Please try to avoid red or any other 'valentine colours', personal preference. Like we are all away of the date on the calender, no need shining like the stop light in a traffic attracting undue attention. Go with something almost casual, and light. A short gown, a short with over-sized tee shirt and sneakers, mini and a gypsy blouse with a lot of  bead accessory and gladiators, a flower flair skirt with a sleeveless and flats, a hat maybe or any other thing you come up with (you get the idea). Guys, wear a short or pencil trousers with folded ankle and a singlet or t-shirt (V-necks are right for this), with an outing shoe and cap, accessorize only if you need to or it is sentimental to her (like the necklace she got you on your birthday, if you loose it you have lost your relationship). 

We were so taken we stayed till evening.

Models: Andrei, Ema
Photography and Styling: O&A

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