Ordinary & Hat

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

People always want to tell you what you can and can't do. They always forget that they are not talking to their shadows or their unborn self but to another. This is the life we contend with, live in and love without.

Everyone should be able to live the life they choose, love it and make it better with each passing second. But this would require you knowing the life you choose. The 'hat personality' for instance has been mocked, diluted, misrepresented and even abused. No one has the right to judge you because you love a head wear every once in a while (or every time). Then again, it is crucial to know how to pull off a hat. Love yourself but know the self that you love.

So it's possible, even acceptable, to feel on some days like loving the you you see. Our capacity for narcissism is a paradox. This is my love letter to T.O.E. Denied and mad in-love.

In a world full of rules and boxes sometimes what you need is to be able to look out, look in, then look around. Once you get true insight, you will have to boldness to wear what you want, to try new styles and outfits, to wear old styles differently or just simply in a way that makes you feel like you. You go through life always hearing people's opinion of you, sometimes you really need to listen to the wisdom in the hat.  

Presenting new strap sandals by Drei.


Reinvent yourself as best and as often as you can, but never forget the roots; never forget that after all the changes, Y.O.U remain. Be happy, courteous, patient, understanding lovely, loving, simple, kind, gracious, and be all these especially to people who don't show any of these, they need it the most. Don't let love or comfort tie you down, be free to dream a little bit more everyday. Even true love is just love.

Passion is a defining factor. Creativity is still crucial: how else would you fight all your demons. A release from our own battles is the war of art. Directly facing us, while being too distracted to notice, is yet another; the world's war. Each man a soldier, each man a victim. Our diversity robbed us, now we are inconsequential Kings. In shoe, in suit, in shirt: we are men of meager desires, creations of simple needs. We are not "we", we are I. I can't stop thinking about Ripped Genes.   

When a bowler is your choice, or you are feeling hot or straight down addicted to expressions, you can only find solace by hanging on to realism. Life is too artificial for natural acting.

"Do as you are told". Who is making the rules? We are free. Maybe it hasn't hit home. We are now free. Slave only to our minds. Other masters have fled, choose ye now whom you will serve. Take a step, any step,

as long as it's your step you'll be fine. Act like the world owes you nothing, you are free to live that life. The Seeing Wind.

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T.O.E & I.N.A.F also coming soon! 
Photography: Chineme, O&A
Make-Up Artist: Idy Inuk
Styling: Johnny, O&A
Shoot Director: Droxy, O&A