Trends That May Persist

Friday, January 29, 2016

There are some trends we saw in 2015 that might not just end there.
First on the list are Denims, a personal favourite of mine. They brought on some kind of depth to our fashion and made us feel complete. Some people may say that denim never leaves the fashion stage but only evolves, and they would be right. Nothing speaks confidence like a pair of jean trouser or short. Or even a denim jacket or shirt to complete that look you are trying so hard to make work.

I also think vintage styles will come in handy this new year with it's wide range of subtle expressions and casual feels.

Something else that took center stage were Snapbacks and boots. Am still surprised that I wore Timberland last year for the first time (don't judge me) but it feels like we our relationship has been way back. Caps for all ages and sizes of dome is always appreciated by us, whether it's baseball cap, trucker cap or even Papa's etc. 

Sloppy sweaters or sweatshirts made a late arrival (taking the weather into consideration) but it came all the same and I'm glad it did. It always made sense to wear things like this but there was never a right channel of permission until now.

Though totes didn't trend so much, I have a different feeling about 2016 for it. They seem like a really cool carry-on and you can't doubt it's utility.

However, beads have come to stay and this year will see more creative things done with them with an overall "classing-up".

One more thing we would like to see, for us here, is more out of the box shots. We decide every day that we want to  serve our readers and followers better with better pictures, commentaries products, directions on fashion items and where to get them, and so on, and we want to deliver on all fronts. Keep giving us the chance to hold each other's hands and grow together. Happy New Year again from O&A!  

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